Business Plans

The study of the economic feasibility of a project is an ever-present concern.
This work, sought by both entrepreneurs and companies planning new investment projects, has become an imposition for the attribution of bank financing and a mandatory requirement for the submission of applications for investment incentives.
Each month we develop multiple projects, allowing the creation and expansion of several companies.

Sectoral analysis

How has the sector of activity in which you want to invest evolved? How many companies are there and how has this number evolved: are there more companies, or fewer? What is the size of these companies?

In order to understand the feasibility of a project, it is essential to understand the economic environment in which it will be inserted.

Competitive Analysis

Identification of the main competitors. What has been the performance of these companies? How have their income and costs evolved? What is the profitability of this business and the average payment and collection periods?

Competitive performance is an important indicator for measuring the attractiveness of the investment and to define the strategy to be followed.

The Project

Demonstrating the feasibility of a project goes through the careful description of the idea, explaining how it will be possible to produce results through a commercial and communication strategy that suits the purpose.

Only the exhaustive study of the entire value chain of the project will allow to robustly demonstrate its economic feasibility.

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