Investment Incentives in Portugal

There are several investment incentives in Portugal that you can take advantage of.
Its attribution depends on a thorough process of identification and compliance with application rules.
At Tojal Account we assist you throughout the submission process and in the refund requests.

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First step: Identifying which programs are available

For each case there is a different solution. Taking into consideration the business / investment idea, the location of the project, the investment needed, among other factors, the appropriate investment incentives are different. It is therefore necessary to identify the available opportunities and choose the one that best fits your project.

Second step: Elaboration of the economic feasibility study of the project

The economic feasibility of the project that you wish to implement is a mandatory condition for the attribution of the investment incentive. We conduct several studies of this nature monthly. Contact us and book now the elaboration of your business plan.

Third step: Collection and organization of elements

The investment incentives' application consists of an extensive list of required documents ir order to be successful. Throughout the application process, Tojal Conta helps you identifying the documents you need to gather and organize all the information, making sure nothing is missing in your application.

Fourth step: Submission and follow-up of the application

Once the application documents have been organized and the business plan has been completed, the application for the investment incentive must be formalized by filling in the required forms by the responsible entity for the management of those funds.

Fifth step: Submission of payments requests

Once your application has been accepted and the investment incentive you applied for has been awarded to you, in order to receive the respective amount, we will fill and submit your requests for payments along with the corresponding proof of expenses.