Support for entrepreneurship

The process of setting up a business is complex and you should be very well prepared and thoughtful.
The entrepreneur is faced with several doubts and challenges which response implies, in most cases, to become aware of rules and procedures.
At Tojal Conta we believe that meeting with entrepreneurs, helping them building new projects, is the best and healthiest way to grow.

Everything starts here,

from that moment there is much work to do...


Having identified the idea in which you want to invest, you have to understand its economic feasibility. This is one of the most important steps in setting up a business: to know the market in which you want to invest, to identify the existing competitors, to know your target customer, and so on...


This is the document where your company begins to gain shape, defining the action plan to place your idea into practice: what is the business context; which strategy to follow; what is the financing plan; and the expected value and profitability of this investment.


After the planning phase, the next step is to create the company. In this process there are several choices to make, fields to fill and documents to gather. It is therefore necessary to identify the best way to do it, avoiding unnecessary costs.


It is time to make the first decisions, defining the operational, commercial, logistics and administration areas that best suit your business. At this stage, we help our clients providing a choice of quality for the accounting area.

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